Lodge Barn Planning

Lodge Farm Barn issued for outline planning consent today! Agricultural vernacular generating every form, mass and component…… A snippet from the Design and Access statement below……

The design process for the proposal started with analysing the elements that define an agricultural vernacular. The massing, variation in shapes, sizes and types of openings, materials, functions, layouts and connections between spaces. When the elements of the agricultural vernacular had been established, a building proposal could start to be developed in coalition with other elements such as providing habitable space, utilizing the views to the East and enhancing the significance of the Barn as the main architectural presence of the farm yard.

The Agricultural Vernacular
Through the following list of architectural components, a checklist was established to tie the proposed buildings to the site context and surrounding agricultural setting.


  • Locally sourced materials and components
  • Utilize existing structures and components
  • Repetitive shapes, sizes and sheets
  • Easy to change floor plan
  • Function before form


  • Repeatable forms
  • Flexible Same form where possible
  • Scale defined by readily available sizes


  • Inconsistent
  • Different sizes
  • Alternating use’s
  • Changing finishes
  • Protected and unprotected


  • Changing
  • Unfinished and finished
  • Repetitive materials but alternating dimensions
  • Nails and other fixings exposed
  • Decay and evolution of new cladding additions
  • Variation in cladding types


  • Single roof can encompass multiple functions
  • One roof where possible
  • Same material through out Slates or sheet materials
  • Minimal roof lights


  • Access and views to all areas
  • Connection between internally separated spaces
  • All of building mass presented to viewer


  • Exposed and hidden externally
  • Exposed internally