• Before purchasing their first home, the client wanted me to advise on a suitable property for conversion. My appointed service was initially to develop a set of working drawings that would enable contractors to tender the project, but on completion of this service, I was appointed to be the project manager and main contractor for the project.

    Prior Park is a 3-storey townhouse situated in the World Heritage site of Bath. As we were not affecting the building externally this would not affect the project directly but having a site in the centre of Bath would provide plenty of issues for access when the construction stage was reached. The client wanted the building completely gutted and developed into a modern home. Through discussions with the client, I developed a simple material palate of walnut, brush stainless steel and shades of grey and white. Based on the minimal concept the client conveyed, I designed storage units that would form the walls of the bedrooms. The existing walls, ceilings and floors all had to be removed, sealed, filled, re skimmed and painted to achieve the new flat surface desired by the client.

    When working on site, discussions about better solutions to the problems evolved which could be controlled without being detrimental to the project as I was on site to provide conformation and document changes. This process aloud for the project to be under budget whilst delivering a high quality finish to the clients desired aesthetic.

  • Project Location – Widcombe, Bath
    Project Type – Renovation
    Project Status – Planning