• I was appointed to obtain to design an extension to the previously Grade 2* listed property to provide the family with a spa, swimming pool and recreation area.

    The site is located on top of hill over looking a valley that includes Farleigh Castle, Iford manner and the white horse hill to the North. One of the main objectives was to provide large views of this sprawling landscape that were not constrained by the tight, gothic windows of the 15th century house.  The client wanted a modern internal space whilst having a minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. Working with the client to produce a robust constraints and opportunities plan lead the whole building other than the North facing elevation, being submerged under ground.

    The concept for the building was to provide different stages of interaction with the views to the north whilst being surrounded by the landscape in a newly defined central nucleus within the large garden of the house. Further into the design process, the client wanted to establish the central nucleus by creating a walled garden. This was then integrated into the proposed design and garden design.

  • Project Location – Hinton Charterhouse, Wiltshire
    Project Type – Swimming Pool
    Project Status – Construction